Which Skin Type Are You?

In this article, you will see skin types such as dry, sensitive, oily or combination. You should know which skin you are and find your care products from Avon Campaign 4 2020! The basis of skincare is to evaluate the structure of your skin correctly. We wrote down the valid criteria for an accurate assessment. In fact, the skin type of each person is unique to him, just like a fingerprint. There is no one else. However, it is possible to make a certain grouping by looking at the general features of the skin such as oil condition, moisture content, and fineness.


Dry skin means skin with reduced moisture content. This skin type is often structural but can also occur as a result of using unsuitable washing products such as soap. Dryness manifests itself in the form of flaking, tension, roughness, and itching on the skin. In addition, dry skin wrinkles early and aging-related lines appear more prominently on dry skin.


It is the skin type that bothers the person the most in daily life and skin problems such as acne occur most frequently. Even if you wash your skin at night without going to bed at night, if you touch your skin as soon as you wake up in the morning, you have oily skin if you get oil almost everywhere. Oily skin is manifested by glare, enlarged pores, and numerous blackheads. If you have this type of skin, your indispensable care product should be washing gels.


Combination skin is when some part of the face is dry and some part is oily. Often when the cheeks are dry, excessive lubrication is observed in the forehead, nose and chin area, called the T zone. It requires much richer care as it shows the properties of two different skin types. The important point in the care of this skin type is to manage not to dry the skin while removing excess oil.


As the name suggests, this skin type, which is very sensitive, gives a lot of trouble to the person and requires careful care like baby skin. A dry, oily or combination skin can also be sensitive. Because sensitivity is not related to the skin’s oil or moisture balance.

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