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It is so easy to view Avon Products with a quite simple and useful Avon Catalog. They always offer high-quality, useful and fashionable products. In fact, they give direction to fashion with the products they offer. You can easily find the best products of the season in Avon Brochure first.

The product range of Avon Campaign is quite wide. When you check out, you can find Moisturizers, Primers, Foundations, Eyeliners, Mascaras, Lipsticks, Eyeshadow palette, perfumes, personal care products and, many more. You will come across more about what you are looking for here!

Their products are quite satisfactory. You will feel good when you start using their products. If you haven’t used their products before, check out the latest catalog and give it a chance. Here you go! Enjoy getting great products at the best prices!


Stay Home, Save Your Skin

Today’s topic is about The Coronavirus (Covid-19), precautions and product recommendations from Avon Campaign 6 2020. This epidemic, which emerged in China at the end of 2019 and was declared pandemic due to its rapid spread, has caused great concern, especially in society recently. According to the observations so far, COVID-19 is mild in 85% of the sick and heavy in 15%; Some 5-7% of those who watch heavily require intensive care and a mortality rate of 3.4% appears.

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To protect yourself and your family from coronavirus:

Avoid crowded environments as much as possible.

Do not go to hospitals unless it is compulsory.

Wash your hands frequently with soap or water, especially after using public transport and in crowded places.

In cases where you cannot wash your hands, rub for 30 seconds with solutions containing 60-80% alcohol.

Do not touch the mouth, nose, eyes with hands.

Do not approach people with symptoms which are Sneezing, cough, etc. more than 0.5-2 meters.

If you have a fever, sneezing and cough complaint, and especially if we have traveled abroad or have contact with someone who has stayed, stay at home and limit contact with the household as much as possible.

Never sneeze into the palm while sneezing and coughing. If possible, sneeze into a tissue paper, discard the tissue after a single use, and then wash your hands or rub them with an alcoholic solution. In cases where you don’t have a handkerchief, sneeze into the inside of your arm.

If you have signs and symptoms of Covid-19, wear a medical mask, especially when you are in an environment with other people.

Likewise, if you care for people with symptoms, wear a mask.

Avon True 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette
Avon True 8-in-1 Eyeshadow
Palette £8.50

Avon True Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara
Avon True Ultra Volume Lash
Magnify Mascara £5.50

Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Bath & Shower Oil
Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing
Bath & Shower Oil £5.00

Encanto Irresistible Shower Gel
Encanto Irresistible Shower Gel £4.00

Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Pressed Serum
Anew Clinical Lift & Firm
Pressed Serum £16.00

Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir £18.00
Anew Ultimate Supreme
Dual Elixir £18.00

Fall in Love with the PJs you have been dreaming of!

These days when we will spend time at home, if you are looking for great pajamas, you should definitely look at this Avon Catalog! Pajamas, which are among the nightwear, are products used for a comfortable sleep. Pajamas made of cotton and flexible fabrics to move comfortably while sleeping varies according to the season and style. Depending on the season, the products that change to summer and winter come as different designs depending on the type of fabric they are produced from.

Artistique Patchouli Eau de Parfum
Artistique Patchouli
Eau de Parfum £18.00

Eve Truth Fragrance Gift Set
Eve Truth Fragrance Gift Set £15.00

Moroccan Argan Oil Haircare Set
Moroccan Argan Oil
Haircare Set £7.00

Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
Nourishment Moroccan Argan
Oil Conditioner £2.00

Soft Cotton Heart-Print PJs
Soft Cotton Heart-Print PJs £12.00

Love PJs
Love PJs £16.00

Elephant Heart PJs
Elephant Heart PJs £14.00

Panda PJs
Panda PJs £14.00

Cosy Cotton Ooh La La PJs
Cosy Cotton Ooh La La PJs £14.00

Disney Frozen PJs
Disney Frozen PJs £20.00

Disney Frozen Kids' PJs
Disney Frozen Kids’ PJs £14.00

On-trend Leopard Slippers
On-trend Leopard Slippers £8.50

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How to Take Care of Your Skin at Home

We shared with you a subject that you can do at home these days we do not go out because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), today’s topic is How to Take Care of Your Skin at Home with Avon Campaign 6 2020. With skincare that you will apply once a week at home, you can get a more beautiful and healthier appearance. The materials required in applying this care; 50 grams of linden or chamomile for hair band, tissue paper, alcohol, day cream, make-up cleaning sponge and facial steam bath.

Clean Your Skin!

After preparing the necessary materials, you can start applying care. First, take your hair back with a hairband and wash your hands. Even if you don’t have any make-up, apply cleansing milk to your face and neck in a circular motion and clean with a tissue. With the cotton that you dip in the tonic, take the leftovers of the milk and refresh your skin.

After cleansing, the row is in the steam bath of the skin. Put water in a bowl and bring it to a boil, and when the water boils, throw linden or chamomile into it and remove the water from the fire. Then add a towel to your face and let the steam soften your face. Keep the steam 5-10 inches away from your face. Remove the towel after 5 minutes. In a mirror, clean the black spots on your face by gently squeezing them with your fingertips wrapped in cotton. After each procedure, wipe the area you wring with alcohol cotton. Never squeeze out immature acne. Skin bath; cleans skin holes, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Before your face is dry, take a hazelnut-sized piece from the peeling while it is moister, and make circular massages on your entire face and neck outside the eye area. Rinse well with warm water. With the help of a brush, apply a mask that is suitable for your face and neck and skin, except for the eyes, and clean with warm water. Apply your last moisturizer to complete your skincare.

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7 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body

Time to check out 7 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body with Avon Campaign 6 2020! As you know, since this coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is common, we stay in our homes and take precautions. You can better evaluate this process we stay at home and you can enter the summer season, where everything will be better! How about living at this time of your stay more pleasant and healthy? Be sure to consider these steps for summer preparation. Those who perform these steps may have all the attention on the beaches in the summer months!

1- Sports

If you want to feel comfortable with your bikini in summer, the first thing you need to do is urgently start sports. Determine a training program quickly and continue without disrupting your plan. Studies show that weight-strength exercises are more successful in burning fat than cardio exercises, contrary to what is known.

2- Reduce Sugar and Salt

The more you eat, the sweeter you will get. This way you can continue to gain weight. If you remove sugar and salt from your meals, you will soon see that your abdomen becomes thinner.

3- Have Breakfast

The most important meal when starting a new day is breakfast. According to research, people who have breakfast in the morning are less fat than those who do not. To start the day, choose 6 egg whites and an egg wrapped omelet, a bowl of fresh fruit, nonfat yogurt, and black coffee or green tea.

4- Make your table green

The best thing about eating vegetables is that you can eat as much as you want. Because the calories of vegetables are very low. You can also eat vegetables at snacks. You can eat healthy snacks such as cucumber and fennel in the snacks by dipping in curd cheese or yogurt flavored with fresh herbs. You can make an omelet with vegetables for breakfast. You can have your dinner with a large bowl of salad.

5- Drink lots of water

Our body is a factory that works with water and minerals. Almost all the activity and recovery process happens with water. We even need water to breathe. As soon as we take oxygen and deliver carbon dioxide, our lungs must be moist. Even when we breathe out, we lose 0.5-1 liters of water a day. 70% of the human body consists of water. If we do not drink enough water, pains begin in our joints and we look older than we are because of our wrinkles.

6- Forget alcohol

Remember that alcohol contains sugar and high calories. If you want to wear the bikini you want to enter in the summer like a bomb, you should stay away from alcohol for a while. If you go to a party or bar, ask the bartender for soda and lemon. Everyone will think you are drinking gin tonic.

7- Sleep

Research shows that when we sleep, our body releases cortisol, which helps us gain weight. When we are sleepless, we consume larger portions and turn to more fatty foods. To prevent this, it is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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Stress Affects Your Skin Negatively

Today’s topic is about the effects of stress with Avon Campaign 6 2020! Be careful if your days are intense and stressful! Because stress and intense tempo are one of your skin’s main enemies. If you work, you should be more careful. Intense stress in business life can cause your skin to be negatively affected. Under stress, people’s stress hormones increase and cause skin collagen damage and skin inflammation. As a result, diseases such as adult acne, rosacea, and psoriasis are seen. And most importantly, it causes the skin to start wrinkling early and aging.

We will tell you a few important things to protect your skin from stress, but remember that seeing dermatologists will be the most useful solution.

Do not scratch your face and touch more than necessary during your stressful times first, otherwise scratching or touching your face may cause irritation. If you have any skin disease, you should definitely stay away from stress. Because skin diseases can get worse with stress. So never wear anything on your head until your skin disease is completely gone.

Get Yourself a Hobby

If you are stressed out in an intensive work environment, get yourself a hobby to be relieved from short-term stress. For example, when you are stressed, count up to a certain number of you, or bring happy moments to your mind. These types of hobbies will relieve you of stress and protect your skin from the negative effects of stress.

As you know, the agenda of the whole world is coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). So don’t stress anymore! All you have to do is follow the hygiene rules and stay at your house! Life fits in the home! Coronavirus is not stronger than the measures you will take

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Tips to Get Flawless Legs

Every woman wants to have flawless legs so we share some tips and Avon Products with Avon Campaign 6 2020! To do this, the first thing to do is to tighten the leg muscles and get rid of cellulite with regular walks. You can also have tight and fit legs thanks to the movements that work your leg muscles after the walks. Let’s follow these steps and have perfect legs! Here you go!

Walking is very important for your body’s health as well as putting your legs in shape. The walk that strengthens the heart will also speed up fat consumption and help shape the legs. Besides, not only the fat in the leg muscles but also the body fat will melt by walking. It is important that the march is at a certain pace and regular. Some ladies do not want to walk because they are afraid of building muscles. But it is not possible to build muscle by walking. For this, it is necessary to spend much more effort.

Essentials From Avon Brochure 6 2020;

If you want to have flawless legs, getting rid of hair is also a very important factor. For this, you can get rid of unwanted hair by trying epilation devices or different waxing methods. After applying the waxing method, the legs should be washed with cold water in order to accelerate the blood circulation, and it should be provided to maintain the moisture balance with the help of a moisturizer after it is thoroughly dried. It is also important that the wax is not too hot when waxing. It is also important to make wax in the evening and not to go out in the sun after waxing.

With the new generation epilation devices, you can get rid of unwanted leg hair with water and dry use without feeling too much pain. The epilation device must be moved against the direction of hair growth. In order to prevent sunken formation, massage should be done with natural fibers after a shower. In addition, the epilation device must be personal to avoid any health problems.

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