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Makeup Tips For Blondes

In this article, you will see awesome Makeup Tips For Blondes with Avon Campaign 6 2020! You should browse this Avon Brochure and read this article! Be sure, you will get the best at the lowest prices! Makeup for blondes is an important issue. Because being blonde runs the risk of looking sick when you’re not the makeup. If you are a blonde, you should take a look at the makeup tips we will tell you shortly. So you can blow people’s heads by doing the right makeup.

If you are a natural blonde and a woman with colored eyes, you can choose watercolor colors such as pink, light blue, lilac in your eyes. You can also use the smooth transitions of brown or gray tones to get accentuated looks. For attractive looks, you can choose black or dark blue eyeliner.

You can achieve a natural, beautiful look by applying a light foundation on your skin and complementing it with rouge in pink shades. To create a natural glow on your skin, you should use transparent or pink undertone creamy products. Starting from under the eyebrow, you should touch the cheekbones in the form of the letter C. If you use the same product in your eye fountains, you can reach a more effective result.

You should use soft colors in light pink tones on your lips. For example; Pink tones such as rose dry, baby pink will be the most suitable colors for you. If you want some warmth on your skin, you can use earthy tones in your eyes and light brown tones on your lips. You can use red and burgundy shades on your lips, if you apply mascara only to your lashes, without applying intense makeup to your eye area. Thus, you will have a more natural but feminine look. One thing to note is that you should avoid yellows and shades. Because when these colors are used alone, it can make the person look sick and tired.

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Skincare After Bath

Time to check out Skincare After Bath with Avon Campaign 6 2020! In order to have healthy skin, proper skincare after bath is essential. Especially in winter, problems such as dryness and flaking occur due to drying factors. Therefore, effective skincare should apply after the bath in order to protect the skin from such negative effects. The person who comes out of the bath has a skin that is free from dirt and pores open. So it is the best time to care. The care techniques apply to the softened and cleansed skin is very effective in giving the skin the look it needs.

There are many cosmetic products with different contents to do skincare after bathing, and there are also completely healthy and more effective natural methods. After the bath, an effective cure can apply with mineral water before the pores of the skin, which are suitable for care, are filled with dirt.

Benefits of Skincare After Bath

Baby oil, which is produced with special content suitable for baby skin, is one of the health care techniques that can be applied after bathing. Baby oil to be fed by massaging the skin, which has softened with warm water and has become available for care, both softens and makes the skin look healthier. In addition, skincare can be done after bathing with various vegetable oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, and apricot oil. The important thing is that everyone applies the method suitable for their own skin.

There are numerous benefits to skincare after bathing. At first, the skin gets the desired healthy look. The formation of blackheads and skin blemishes prevent. It has a softer and more impressive skin. Since the skin after the bath is completely cleared of dirt, the necessary care must be done so that uncomfortable skin problems do not arise afterward. If you are looking for good skincare products, you can check out Avon Brochure 6 2020 in detail.

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Discover Vegan Products of Avon!

Today’s topic is about Vegan Products of Avon with Avon Campaign 6 2020. Veganism is actually a lifestyle. Vegan people do not eat and drink foods such as meat, milk, eggs from animals; They avoid wearing leather and woolen clothing. Therefore, they do not use cosmetic products that contain animal ingredients. If you are looking for vegan, non-animal-friendly, environmentally friendly products, the new Distillery care products are for you! Inspired by nature, these products are clinically tested, dermatologists and allergy-tested. In addition, recycled cardboard, glass, and aluminum are used in packaging and packaging.

  • The new Avon product, which contains only pure and clean ingredients;
  • Does not contain perfume
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Contains no material from animals
  • It does not contain chemical sunscreen Let’s take a look at our products that combine clean ingredients and strong effects.

Distillery Clean Break Cleanser

Powerful cleansing and moisturizing balm that you can use in the most important step of your skincare routine. Cleans all your makeup, including eye makeup. With its 69% pure apricot oil and 100% anhydrous formula, it provides maximum concentrate, maximum cleaning.

What’s inside?
-Apricot oil
-Cocoa butter
-Mango oil
-Cucumber extract

Distillery Sleep Potion DAY CREAM

The multi-purpose day cream protects, moisturizes, clarifies, matters and creates a base effect. While it provides the most effective protection with its 100% mineral sun filter, it moisturizes with its high concentration. It protects against broad-spectrum UV rays with SPF25 protection.

It contains 100% herbal glycerin and distilled rose extract.

When you put it on your face, it looks white but doesn’t be afraid, it shows that it works. In this content, zinc oxide reflects the sun’s rays. When you apply it to your skin by massaging, whiteness will disappear.

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How to Get Smoother Skin

Time to discover useful tips about how to get smoother skin with products of Avon Campaign 6 2020! It is full of special skincare products. Therefore, you should focus on this Avon Brochure and get your needs at the lowest prices! Although you may think about how well you take care of your skin, there are many points you need to pay attention to have smooth skin. With these suggestions, you can have flawless skin.

Protect from harmful rays of the sun

Regardless of the weather, be sure to go out after applying your sunscreen. Due to the ozone layer that opens day by day, the UV rays of the sun are becoming more harmful for your skin. That’s why you should be careful to use a sunscreen with at least 40 factors.

Provide tanning naturally

Women who always love bronze skin should definitely stay away from the solarium. Even if you do not feel that it harms your skin at first, you will notice the spots in the next sessions. Although the officials working in the solarium say that the rays you give are natural, this is a lie. It is not possible for an artificial beam to be more natural than sunlight. You can use tanning creams instead of the solarium.

The most important nutrient of your skin

Moisture is almost your food source. If you deprive it of this nutrient source, it begins to age early and stains increase. Even though the women understand better that their skin cracks in the winter and therefore want moisture, they do not feel much in the summer. In fact, your skin always needs moisture. Moreover, moisture will save you from the burning sensation of the sun and prevent the formation of brown spots. In summer, you can choose water-based humidifiers.

Sleep patterns and water are also very important

Your skin is tired after a certain hour just like your brain and needs rest. For this reason, it is very important to establish a sleep pattern as well as you must meet your daily water needs. Although it varies according to the body, you should drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water daily.

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Suggestions You Can Apply to Oily Hair

Today’s topic is about Suggestions You Can Apply to Oily Hair with Avon Campaign 6 2020! Oily hair can be said as the biggest indicator of social neglect. It is known that men who do not cut their hair but do not care for them, especially when it is called oily hair. However, oily hair type can be found in short hair as well as in many women. It is theoretically related to the skin type and occurs in those with oily skin types. In general terms, with the excitement, stress and current psychological facts, the rate of lubrication of the hair can increase significantly.

The simplest way to get rid of oily hair is to choose the shampoo you use from those produced for oily hair. So you will have taken the first step. There is also scientific evidence that it is good for menthol shampoos. If your skin type is not very oily, this will be an easy problem to overcome. This may be the primary reason if you wash your hair too little or wash too much. In addition, the care products you use for your hair after shampoo treatment are very important.

For example, people with oily hair type would definitely feel a touch whenever they see their hair. So they would either straighten their hair or throw a hand. Therefore, the moisture supplement that we constantly give to our hair in our moist hands, in our daily form, reveals the hair we have washed in the morning as oiled in the evening. By leaving these habits, it is possible to reduce the lubrication of the hair to some extent. It is not a fate like dry hair types in oily hair. When measures are taken, it is possible to prevent them when problems are detected.

Haircare From Avon Brochure 6 2020;

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