How To Do The No-Makeup Makeup

Our recommendation for those who cannot give up their natural beauty, care, and makeup: No-Makeup Makeup with Avon Campaign 4 2020! It’s time to examine the No-Makeup Makeup look that has been on the rise in recent years! You can look flawless by following the seasonal trends with natural-looking, exaggerated makeup. Let’s reveal its natural beauty by following the steps below!

Products From Avon Brochure 4 2020;

Step 1: The most important rule in this makeup is well-groomed skin makeup. We begin the application with Ideal Flawless CC Cream to even out the skin tone, eliminate the look of pale and blemished skin and give your skin liveliness. Apply CC cream on your skin with the help of a sponge, you can also apply it with your fingers or brush if you wish.

Step 2: Immediately afterward, you should use Ideal Flawless CC Pearls, consisting of colored balls, to balance the color differences on your skin with the help of the Big Face Brush. Blend the Blush Brush on the balls and blend them gently without pressing too much.

Step 3: After skin makeup, now it’s time for eye makeup! To add energy to your eyes with natural, peachy eye makeup, apply the Warm Cashmere colors of the Avon True Color 2 Headlight to the eyelids with the help of the Headlight Brush.

Step 4: You can strengthen your lashes by applying Glimmerstick Eye Pencil into the upper eyelid. To make your makeup look more natural and bright, be careful not to put the pen on the eyelid. For fuller lashes, accentuate your lashes with Super Extend Extreme Mascara and complete your eye makeup by shaping your eyebrows with the Eyebrow Shaper Kit.

Step 5: Now we have come to the last step! Complete your light makeup with Indulgence lipstick’s In Bloom color.

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