Avon Campaign 7 2020

Avon Campaign 7 2020 is available now! If you want to be the first who views this Avon Brochures, you should visit this page regularly and subscribe to us! Also, in this article, you will see some tips! Let’s come to our topic! A well-groomed woman is always beautiful. The key to this is not to buy very expensive cosmetics, but to get to know yourself. Listen to what your body, skin, hair, and even nails tell you. Are you drinking less or less in the sun? Your body is giving you the necessary signals.

I believe in the power of nature both for my hair and skin and I am not afraid to try different blends. Especially in the summer, with the effect of sun, sea, and pool, and I care for my body by mixing different oils. Apart from that, I have my face delivered to professional hands at certain times of the year and I have skincare. Regardless, what If I am so tired, I will not go to bed without removing my makeup.

Since I believe that beautiful skin can be obtained through nutrition, I take care to drink plenty of water during the day, especially I consume the water of green vegetables. I wear very little makeup in my daily life, using a colored moisturizer instead of a foundation to make my skin less tired.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Social Distancing

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, everyone has been talking about the concept of Social Distancing in recent days. Governments around the world are developing plans to combat the COVID – 19 outbreak. At the center of these plans is the concept of social distance. We tried to explain social distances, one of the most effective measures to reduce the spread of the virus and give you a few tips.

What is Social Distancing?

The concept of social distancing represents behavioral changes that allow one to reduce physical contact with other people to reduce the rate of spread of the outbreak during periods of the pandemic. Even if social distancing cannot prevent an outbreak completely, it is important in controlling the number of active cases by controlling the rate and speed of the outbreak. In this way, health institutions can work on fewer cases in a longer period of time to produce more effective solutions for treatment.

At least 1 Meter Distance

If we think that the pandemic will be a reality of our lives for a long time, we can say that we cannot avoid some social relations. In such cases, be sure to be at least 1 meter away from the people in front of you.


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