Avon Campaign 4 2020

Avon Campaign 4 2020 is available now! It is not impossible to keep up with the newly added beauty products with Avon Brochure 4 2020. Beautiful eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blush, water-resistant makeup products by 2020, what started to wonder what will be the trend. It is important to follow the trends while creating your makeup collection. When you make up the fashion and make-up that suits yourself, you will definitely be the one who asks for ideas. We wanted to make your job easier by compiling 2020 beauty trends for you.


It will be a year when routine skin cleansing continues. There are a few things that change alone. With vitamin C and collagen-containing serums you can add to your skincare, you can fight against anti-aging symptoms. When you regularly care for your skin, you can ensure that fine wrinkles go away and a full-bodied appearance.

Skin Makeup

Thick foundation and heavy make-up are now on the shelf. In 2020, the skin make-up that looks like it doesn’t exist but on the other hand provides a smooth appearance that will come to the fore. You can prefer thin products that give a bright appearance. You can also benefit from the power of BB or CC creams that cover your imperfections with its fine structure.

Eye makeup

Eyes, the most important part of the face, are extremely important. You can make your eyes look completely different with eye makeup. Not only will the eyeliner pull trend disappear, but the colors will also re-enter our lives. Color eyeliner, as well as colorful eyeshadows, will be among the 2020 beauty trends.


The thick eyebrow trend will continue in 2020. The scattered and scattered eyebrows will now be on the shelf. Instead, smoothly combed eyebrows are starting to become trends. When filling the gaps in your eyebrows, you should avoid artificiality and prefer a natural-looking eyebrow/pencil.


The brighteners come back into our lives. We will often see the lip gloss in the 2020 beauty trends. Previously, matte liquid lipsticks dominated, slowly leaving himself to creamy lipstick. Last but not least, the lips will be one of the must-have materials in your makeup bag.

Hair Design

Orientation to short hair will increase and will be preferred more than long. You’ll have to give short hair natural fullness and waves. Curling the tips inward or outward will also be the trend again when the blow dryer is pulled. Hair color will be a more natural orientation. In dark tones, we will also encounter balm and sparkles.


We will see the popular nail art trend in 2020. This year we will see more geometric designs in nail art shapes. The colors will be colorful and chirping, as in the eye shadow. Phosphorous nail art made in dark colors can also be seen in abundance. Permanent nail polish can apply this trend.

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