AVON’s Advance Techniques Series

AVON’s Advance Techniques Series from Avon Campaign 4 2020; With its renewed content and formula, it strengthens the hair and offers many solutions to revitalize it. The series includes special products developed to address different problems of different hair types. Supreme Oils series, which is the favorite us, contains 5 valuable natural oils consisting of Macadamia, Camellia, Almond, Grape Seed, and Marula; nourishes and strengthens normal and dry hair types.

AVON Advance Techniques series products offer many solutions to give hair strength, liveliness, and shine. So renewed with its packaging design and content in order to provide solutions for all needs of users, the series is the biggest assistant of hair that is worn out by being exposed to environmental effects in daily life.

The Ultimate Volume products of AVON Advance Techniques series give hair extraordinary volume with its formula containing collagen. Instant Repair 7 series with Keratin Power Technology deeply repairs damaged hair. So the Daily Shine series, developed with Multi Shine Technology, gives your hair an eye-catching shine. 360 Nourishment series with Argan nourishes hair from root to tip. With the series containing Argan Oil, Provitamin B5, and Vitamin E, hair gets silky softness and vitality.

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Which Skin Type Are You?

In this article, you will see skin types such as dry, sensitive, oily or combination. You should know which skin you are and find your care products from Avon Campaign 4 2020! The basis of skincare is to evaluate the structure of your skin correctly. We wrote down the valid criteria for an accurate assessment. In fact, the skin type of each person is unique to him, just like a fingerprint. There is no one else. However, it is possible to make a certain grouping by looking at the general features of the skin such as oil condition, moisture content, and fineness.


Dry skin means skin with reduced moisture content. This skin type is often structural but can also occur as a result of using unsuitable washing products such as soap. Dryness manifests itself in the form of flaking, tension, roughness, and itching on the skin. In addition, dry skin wrinkles early and aging-related lines appear more prominently on dry skin.


It is the skin type that bothers the person the most in daily life and skin problems such as acne occur most frequently. Even if you wash your skin at night without going to bed at night, if you touch your skin as soon as you wake up in the morning, you have oily skin if you get oil almost everywhere. Oily skin is manifested by glare, enlarged pores, and numerous blackheads. If you have this type of skin, your indispensable care product should be washing gels.


Combination skin is when some part of the face is dry and some part is oily. Often when the cheeks are dry, excessive lubrication is observed in the forehead, nose and chin area, called the T zone. It requires much richer care as it shows the properties of two different skin types. The important point in the care of this skin type is to manage not to dry the skin while removing excess oil.


As the name suggests, this skin type, which is very sensitive, gives a lot of trouble to the person and requires careful care like baby skin. A dry, oily or combination skin can also be sensitive. Because sensitivity is not related to the skin’s oil or moisture balance.

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Which Nail Polish Is Best For Your Nails?

Today’s topic is about which nail polish is best for your nails! Nail trends differ every season. Some of us prefer the same manicure style every time, some of us always want to be the first follower of a new fashion. Your manicure style also contains many tips about you. We have compiled nail polish colors that you can apply according to your manicure preferences in a fun article. If you are looking for good nail polishes, you can visit the Avon Campaign 4 2020!


Comfort is your middle name. Your wardrobe is made up of jeans and comfortable T-shirts. Instead of going out on a Friday evening, you prefer to sit at home and watch a movie.

The colors you should try: You can use a shiny little stone on your nails or choose a silvery nail polish in brown tones to remove the adventurous spirit within you. For example, you can open two doors by trying two different colors on your nails.


The keyword of your style: Classic. ‘Round’ nails, which do not give up their habits easily, usually go to the same manicurist, their preferred nail polish color is nude and light pink tones. Even though it is very rare, they want to try something different from time to time.

The colors you should try: Use your pink and nude nail polishes again without giving up your habits. However, this time, paint your nail tips with different colors of nail polish as if you were doing a french manicure. Modern touches to your classic taste will make you happy.


Long, oval nails, the woman of subtle tastes and bold choices… Her hair is always shaped, her makeup is always fresh… A complete social butterfly….

The colors you should try: Our advice for ‘ovals’, which usually choose red shades, is to try nail polish in pomegranate flower, wine red, dark gray and beige shades this season. If you are looking for a more original idea, paint your nail bottoms or tips with gilded nail polish for a different look.


You are adventurers, but you don’t always be cautious.

The colors you should try: Instead of single nail polish this time, apply a silvery nail polish geometrically to your nail tips. This is called being cautious without overdoing!

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The Decisions You Need To Make For Your Skincare In 2020

In this article, you will see useful recommendations about the decisions you need to make for your skincare in 2020 and the products of Avon Campaign 4 2020. If you are looking for the best Avon Products, you are the correct address! Let’s take a look at this Avon Brochure and find your essentials at the cheapest prices! It’s time to show your skin the value it deserves. In 2020, we wrote small suggestions for you for healthier and more vigorous skin.

Get rid of your old makeup materials

If you want to try new products, it’s time to say goodbye to the make-up materials that you have been using for more than a year and now endanger your skin health.

Wash your makeup brushes

You may be cleaning your face carefully every day, but if you wash your makeup brushes every 3 months, all your effort is wasted. Let your washing your brushes regularly be part of your beauty routine this year.

Makeup Brushes From Avon Catalog 4 2020;

Prefer unscented, odorless products.

If you want to protect your skin from allergic reactions or chemicals that damage the skin, use odorless products, especially in skin products.

Pay attention to pore-clogging products

The fact that a product is oil-free does not mean it will not clog your pores. Also check if the product contains alcohol, sulfate, and silicon. Creams with hyaluronic acid moisturize your skin very well while also fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

Eat products containing Omega 3

Products containing Omega 3 naturally increase the moisture content of your skin. It supports the production of healthy oil necessary for your skin. Salmon spinach is just a few of the nutrients containing Omega 3 in walnuts.

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Products We Choose From Avon Brochure 4 2020

Today’s topic is about the products we choose from the current Avon Brochure and some makeup tips! It is a good time to discover a wide range of Avon Campaign 4 2020! Dozens of high-quality and useful Avon Products are waiting for you! For example; a new dual-ended brow pencil! Naturally defined brows first time, every time! You can check this on the cover page of this brochure. You can reach many types of products from different categories such as makeup products, fragrances, personal care products, and accessories. Therefore, you should check it out and find your essential needs at the cheapest prices!


The eyebrow is one of the most important factors that determine your facial expression and even the smallest mistake that can be done may have worse results than you think. As you can shape your eyebrows at home, it is best to get professional help. Thicker and natural-looking eyebrows suitable for your face type will emphasize your facial features better. If your eyebrows are thinner and thinner due to their nature, you can get help from an eyebrow pencil or a headlight that matches your hair color.


Before applying your lipstick, you should remove the dead skin so that your lips do not look flaky. Then definitely moisten your lips. Apply the same color lip pencil as your lipstick or lip color to make your lips clear and outline. Now you are ready to apply your lipstick, after removing the excess with the help of a handkerchief, apply the second layer and the process is done!


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Products We Choose From Avon Brochure February 2020;

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